Delivery Time: 01-03 Working Days


  • Model: Samsung Note4 32GB Black
  • IMEI: 352857241414025
  • Model Number: QSNOT5BX
  • Unlocked: UNLOCKED
  • Network Unlock Code: 0000000049180381
  • Service Provider Unlock Code: 0000000000000000

How to unlock Bell devices:

1- Insert a non-Bell SIM card into the device and turn it on.

2- The message SIM Network unlock PIN will appear. Enter the unlock code above and select Unlock.

Note: The Network Lock code may be 16 digits long. If the first 8 digits are all zeros, ignore them and enter the last 8 digits.

3- The message Network unlock successful will appear once the device has been unlocked.

Important note: Enter the unlock code carefully. After 10 failed attempts, you will have to log in to your Google account to reset the password or lock pattern.

How to place an order?

  • This service need IMEI to process your order 

  • Get IMEI of your device write correctly in the IMEI field 

Maximum Delivery Time:

  • 1 - 20 days

Delay warning

Sometimes due to technical issues, service will delay in this case you need to cooperate with us

Supported Model

  •  Generic Code Sony, Lumia, Samsung

Supprted Network

  • Bell/ BellMTS/ Virgin

??Success Rate:

High Ratio on qualified devices. 


  •  In Process IMEI Not Possible To Cancel.
  • Only Listed Models Supported In This Service.
  • Wrong Model No Refund.
  • Wrong  Carrier No Refund No Verification No Arguments.
  • Sometimes Due To Some Global Issue Orders Gone Delay Please Cooperate Us And Do Not Force For Cancellation In This Case


  • In Case of Not Unlock Issue Please Provide Ticket with full Carrier check report At This Link(Ticket)    Your Order Will Be Verified

        And Updated After Check With Supplier.

Note: Do Not Click On Verify Button Or Do not Send Any Verification At Email Whats App Or Skype Orders Will Be Verified Received On Ticket.