Delivery Time: 01-06 Hours

How to place order?

  • This service need IMEI to process your order 
  • Get  IMEI of your device & write correctly in the IMEI field 
  • Do not Write incorrect IMEI .

Maximum Delivery Time:

  • 1-6 Hours

Delay warning

  • Sometimes due to technical issues, service will delay in this case you need to cooperate with us.

Supported Model:

  • all model supported

Features of Sony Bootloader Unlock

  • Advanced: Supports configurable settings.
  • Compatibility: Works with a variety of Sony devices.
  • Comprehensive: Supports a variety of bootloader versions.
  • Customizable: Allows customization of unlocking process.
  • Detailed: Provides detailed unlocking logs.
  • Efficient: Automatically detects device and bootloader version.
  • Fast: Quickly unlock devices.
  • Flexible: Can be used with different Windows versions.
  • Reliable: Dependable unlocking process.
  • Safe: Protects existing data while unlocking.
  • Secure: Protects against malicious software.
  • Simple: Easy to use interface.
  • Unlocking: Enable unlocking of Sony devices.
  • Versatile: Can unlock both locked and relocked devices.

HOW TO Unlock

Enable USB Debugging

  1. Connect your device to PC via USB cable. It is highly recommended that you use the original cable and plug it into the motherboard port.
  2. Select your Android version and then follow the instructions as shown to enable USB Debugging.
  3. After that, kingo will automatically install the device driver and establish connection with your device. Please be patient.

Read the Notifications

  1. It is IMPORTANT that you read the notifications carefully to avoid trouble later on .
  2. You have to be fully aware of the CONSEQUENCES before unlocking your Bootloader.
  3. Which includes your WARRANTY CLAIM being voided and USER DATA being wiped off.

Click to Unlock

  1. Click "Unlock" to start when you are ready.
  2. It will take a few minutes before the whole process is complete.
  3. During this course, please do not disconnect, move or touch your device in any way.

Unlock Succeeded!

  1. Normally the unlocking process will go fine and succeed at last. Click "Finish" and wait for your device reboots itself so that your phone will be more stable.
  2. If it fails, unfortunately, please contact us. And we will see what we can do to solve it

How to verify order:

  • In Case Of Any issue please submit ticket with order number & Video Proof Of Full Procedure  Upload at publish as public & Provide Link in ticket