Delivery Time: instant to 24 hours


This Service Basically provide Carrier + Simlok Status All Other informations are optionaly 

if not received in any order do not ask for verification or must provide

How to place an order?

  • This service need IMEI to process your order 

  • Get IMEI of your device write correctly in the IMEI field 

Maximum Delivery Time:

  • 1-2 Working Days

Delay warning

Sometimes due to technical issues, service will delay in this case you need to cooperate with us



  • Simlock: UNLOCKED = means that device was activated with new carrier than original carrier and device is Unlocked.
  • Simlock: LOCKED = means that device is locked or hasn't yet been activated with another carrier than original (Possible Device is Unlocked but is Still Not Activated)


  • In Case of any issue submit ticket At This  with Your Order  ORDER  Will Be Verified And Updated After Check With Supplier.

Note: Do Not Click On Verify Button Or Do not Send Any Verification At Email Whats App Or Skype Orders Will Be Verified Received On Ticket.