Delivery Time: AUTO API



Before Use Service Must Run This Tool 
If it's Show Eligible to Bypass then place Order


ios 14.5.1 not signed now. If client upload to ios 14.6 need pay again with new tool Mina Activator Universal

How to do Bypass iPhone and iPad :
 1- Download Tool 
Download the Bypass Tool and Jailbreak your device.


Download 2.1
Jailbreak Here

2- Order Serial In Web When Register The SN In The Server

3- Do Bypass

Click Prepare Device IOS 12..5.1 & 14.4 TESTED SUPPORT And Activate it, and wait till erase done.
Do jailbreak your device.
And click Active.


Note: This Tools only work with Mac. operating system.

Verification Policy

in case of any issue submit ticket on website with order number and video proof of error uploaded on phone language must be  ENGLISH in video