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Supported IOS 

  • till 14.8.1

List of Supported device:

  • Till A10 Full Support on Passcode A11 Only Partial Support Patch + WIPE ONLY


  • -Patch USB Restrictions
  • -Restore Original iOS A11
  • -Passcode Bypass
  • -Wipe/Eraser

Do Not Order For A11 Passcode Jailbreak as A11 is Impossible To Jailbreak on Passcode
A11 Partial Support To RETURN HELLO SCREEN

Process To Wipe/Retain iOS in A11 Passcode:
 1 Jailbreak in Diagnostics Mode
 2 Patch USB Wit iRP Pro
 3 Wipe With Eraser (iBypasser Tested - No 100% Guaranteed)

Procedure to Bypass Passcode with MEID/GSM Signal till A10
 1 Jailbreak in Diagnostics Mode
 2 Patch USB with iRP Pro
 3 Jailbreak Normally
 4 Click Backup and wait Successful Backup on Passcode
 5 Wipe Device
 6 Jailbreak after Wipe
 7 Activate Device
 8 Enjoy


  • NO REFUND For Wrong SN
  • NO REFUND For Bootloop
  • NO GUARANTEE FOR A11 Devices


verification time is 24 hours 

In Case Of Any Issue Please send us error screenshot  Click at publish As Public, Send Us  Link & Order Number We will check  & Update You There.