Delivery Time: AUTO API

How to place order?

  • This service need ECID to process your order 
  • Get 18 Digit ECID of your device & write correctly in the ECID field 
  • Do not Write Lessthen 18 Digit or incorrect ECID.

Maximum Delivery Time:


Delay warning

  • Sometimes due to technical issues, service will delay in this case you need to cooperate with us.

Supported Model:

  • iPhone 8

  • 8Plus

  • X

Supported IOS:

  • iOS16

LUHello Download Link:

How to Use

1. Run LUHello16

2. Put your phone in DFU and click on Purple

3. Select usb modem Port

4. After select usb modem port tool will change SN auto

5. After you get popup Serial changed successful close the app and open again

6. After reopen, connect device in normal mode and click Prepare Activation

7. After Prepare Activation success, click ok and reopen APP

8. Put phone in DFU mode again select iOS16 and Boot Device ( Process take 1 min, please be patient )

9. After boot is success, click on Activate Hello

How to verify order:

  • In Case Of Any issue please submit ticket with order number & Video Proof Of Full Procedure With LU TOOL, Upload at publish as public & Provide Link in

Note: To Record a video please use Screen Recording tool in your pc do not use Mobile Recording